It Ain’t Me Babe – I’m Not There

by Mark Hahn

Reposting this to my artist website for the discussion on being an artist.

Guitar vs. Meds

In I’m Not There, Todd Haynes explores the spaces between inspiration and hopelessness in a film based on the life and trials of Bob Dylan. Clearly, Dylan was a casualty of his early runaway fame and the expectations placed on him because of it – while in the process, transformed by the public into a commodity instead of a person. The tragedy is of course that Dylan chased his own fame in his early career, got what he was after, and then had it turn against him when he tried to evolve as a person and a musician. Fame is never free and fans end up feeling they own you for their support. The film is based on a patchwork of facets of Dylan at different periods in his life — and for this — he is portrayed by 6 different actors, including Cate Blanchett who probably does the best…

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