Miami After Dark

by Mark Hahn

The hills around Miami Arizona are owned by the Freeport McMoRan mining corporation. In a way, everything is this town is owned by this company. Without it, there are no homes, no shops, no restaurants or bars. Copper prices are soaring and the mine is chewing up the earth around Miami at an incredible pace. Men are working down in the hole 16 hours a day. Earth is being moved in the amount of mega tons a day. Miami is a boom-town.

New fences with plenty of razor-wire have been erected around the mining company’s property. Security trucks can be seen creeping along the dirt roads crisscrossing the hillsides. The gaurds pause to wonder what two photographers on the top of the hill are doing. We’ve trespassed here before, but not this time. When there’s money involved, things get serious. I don’t want to end up in jail.

Down below, you hear the laughter of all the drinking locals. When you’ve worked as hard as many of these men have, you have a lot of steam to blow off. It all starts out as fun. It’s not until later that the trouble begins. You can read all about it in the Copper County News. Petty violence is a weekly part of the rough life lived in Miami.