High School Echoes

by Mark Hahn


No one who has gone through the high school experience leaves untouched. No matter how old you become, you can’t escape the echoes of the memories that linger in these vacant hallways. You can hear them in any school you enter – like triggers that shoot you down into recognizing that you have never stopped being that kid you were or remembering how you had to walk down all those empty hallways alone while trying to figure out how you could ever find a way out. These photos were taken at the Catalina Magnet High School in Tucson, AZ. I went with my teenage daughter to be with her at an awards ceremony for a regional cosmetology competition she had entered. While we waited for the ceremony to begin, I had time to wander off down the empty hallways and reflect on life and growing up.

Emotionally, I placed myself in the all the old hallways that I had to navigate as a kid. I thought about all the bad decisions I had made along the way. I thought about all the things that I should have done differently. I thought about all the good, bad and ugly moments that I lived through. Then I went to the auditorium and waited for the winners to be announced. My daughter won the gold medal! I was so proud of her that I had tears in my eyes when she went up on stage to get her award.