Out With The Old – Start of a New Year

by Mark Hahn

2012 has come to a close. There were difficulties. We’ve made it through them all. We’re stronger for the struggles. The new year looks promising.


This condemned trailer park is in central Tucson, AZ. A woman comes everyday to feed the cats who were left behind. There were people living here until recently. The city kicked them out. It’s hard to guess where they went. Sometimes you have to be forced out of where you feel safe to realize you weren’t safe there after all.

I gave my girlfriend a Polaroid Super-Shooter camera for Christmas. We had wanted to photograph this trailer park together for a while. I dusted off my old Polaroid 360. We went in with packs of Fuji FP-100C and shot up the place.

I had forgotten how frustrating and fun these packfilm cameras can be. The Fuji pack film didn’t run through either of our cameras as smoothly as the old Polacolor films did. In fact, we both managed to rip off the little white pull tabs on our first try. The film got jammed. We had to waste precious shots getting them unjammed. Third try was the charm and we figured out how to pull the film slowly through our cameras using two hands. The procedure turned out to be nothing like the original Polaroid instructions described.

These are the full frame scans of my best shots of the day. Shooting these photos felt like a good way to bring 2012 to a close.

Happy New Year to everyone!